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Cordelia: "I recognized yours didn't get in just how of betraying the people who work with you. Who cared about you. And, you already know, you didn't just betray me, Angel. You did not just hurt me... You gave away my clothing"

Mild/Time manipulation : before she ascends to the Higher aircraft her powers of sunshine manipulation Innovative that she was in the position to stop time alone that allowed Skip to talk to her explaining that she has grown to be the next energy.

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They began to competively pursue him, Cordelia even getting the opportunity to seductively dance with him when she wasn't there. Nevertheless, she eventually gave up as his attentions began to absolutely change toward Buffy, much to her fantastic displeasure and annoyance.[61]

Upon their return, they discovered that several horrific gatherings experienced transpired, such as the kidnapping of Angel's infant son, Connor, with the palms of vengeful vampire hunter Daniel Holtz. In reaction to this, Cordelia promptly shifted her awareness to Angel, and Groo sooner or later understood that she definitely liked Angel, proceeding to depart Los Angeles after a last farewell.

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Religion Lehane — Cordelia normally seemed to have a detrimental viewpoint on Religion. When Religion first arrived Cordelia didn't just take properly to her promiscuity (contacting her "Slut-o-rama" when first viewing her) and particularly considering the fact that Xander clearly expressed an attraction in direction of Religion, provoking Cordelia's jealousy which built her claim that Xander had a issue for Slayers (recognizing his crush on Buffy and being existing the a single time he flirted with Kendra).

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Cordelia in some way eventually returned to Earth, while with a fallen electric hairloss clinics power piggy backing ideal together with her. Because of this, the Powers That Be's safeguard was induced and Cordelia's memories ended up cleaned and also the fallen energy made dormant. When the amnesiac Cordelia identified herself at Angel Investigations, Angel along with the Other folks hid the bizarre reality of their scenario from Cordelia, fearing It might be also much for her to handle.

Amy Madison — Even though they know one another since the childhood, Cordelia has for Amy, the same thought as for Willow and Xander. Cordelia even showed herself notably cruel to Amy, during a cheerleader session, simply because she helps make her stumble unintentionally (nonetheless, Amy was possessed by her mom).

During her time in Angel Investigations, Cordelia was shown to become somewhat fast to have confidence in Some others. She insisted that Harmony, who experienced become a vampire, was nonetheless very good Regardless of her bothersome patterns and ignored Angel's warnings that Harmony, becoming soulless, would betray her, a belief that ironically arrived to fruition when Harmony betrayed A.

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Nonetheless, when introduced with the chance to move her visions for the heroic Groosalugg (with the act of sexual intercourse) in the course of a short vacation to your demonic dimension Pylea, Cordelia refused, stating the visions had been a part of her and you can try these out built her who she was, a Champion.[23]

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